Welcome to the Lair of Waifus


These are just a summary of what I'll be showing you. As you can see the most beautiful waifus are here. I'll be showing a lot more of these beautiful waifus in order of meeting them.

Waifus are a way a life. Without them I wouldn't be the cringey person I am today.


This was the first waifu I've ever had. Her name is Mizore. Isn't she beautful? She has a very important place in my heart. She's the first person I've ever fallen in love with. We have moved on, and I've met better waifus since then, but I could never forget her.

This is one of my most favorite waifus ever.


This is Taiga Aisaka. Yes, I remember her whole name because she's just that amazing. Honestly, I'd choose her over anyone else in the world. She's just so perfect; I just love her so much. I could never move on from her.

This waifu is also one of my most favorite waifus of all time. She's just so Amazing!!!! I mean, look at her!!!!!!!!


Honestly I would just love her so much love. Just ugh!!!!!


This is Kirino. She's so pretty. One of the best tsunderes I know. Eventhough she's in junior high and that she loves her brother, I still consider her to be one of my most favorite waifus. I love the look in her eye and that shark tooth she shows as she smirks.


This girl is Kagome. She may not have the looks like the other waifus do, but she is just everything that you would want in a real wife. She is funny, outgoing, sweet, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. If I had to pick a real wife, it would be her.

This girl is Emilia. She is my most recent met waifu.


Emilia is amazing person, and I fall in love with her at first sight. She always puts herself before others and is really sweet. She's just amazing. For some reason, my friend Sammy is an idiot and thinks that Rem is better when she obviously isn't.


This is Rem. Obivously Emilia is the best girl. No question about it. No matter what you do. Emilia is better. I am only including her because some of my friends (yes, I have friends) like her. Sammy, youre an idiot. Rem is obviously the best girl. No matter what you think. Emilia is obviously better.


This is Mitsuha. She is my newest waifu. She's really sweet and is one of the most self-determined, strong-hearted girls ever. I love her so much, i cannot imagine going a day without thinking about her. just... Ugh!!!! Honestly, she is my new number 1 waifu. I would take her as my wife any day. Even more than you Brandon... ;)


This is Mashiro Shiina. She is really cute, but has no sense of personality. She can't take care of herself. She doesn't know how to put her own clothes on. I am only including her because my friend Brandon told me to. I guess she'd be a cool friend, but she definetly isn't my type of waifu.


This is Asuha. She became my waifu after this break. She's really cute and has an interesting sense of personality. She's just as interesting as funny as me. She has that I can be an asshole personality in a cute way. I feel like she is the closest to me personality wise and that's why she became my waifu. I would love to her have her body pillow and figurines of her.


Aria is your typical tsundere girl who has A size cup breasts. She is pretty annoying at times, but has a heart of gold. She'll kick your a** any day. I just thought I'd include her just cause, but I think she's pretty cool.


Megumin is one of my newest waifus. She's weird, cute, and also loves explosions just like me!!!! She's the perfect waifu for an Arab like me. Even my good friend Brandon agrees with me. Her flaws include that she can be quite a clutz, can only cast magic once a day, and is a little on the strange side, but i think that is perfect for me :)


So I used to love aqua a lot. She was just so cute and kawaii at first. It was just ugh!!!! But then Megumin opened my eyes. i realized how fucked up she was, and how much of a brat she is. Fuck that ho! That's just too much. She has some good sides sometimes ,but Megumin best waifu.


The life of Hanabi is a meh tragic story. She loves someone she's forbidden to love. In that person's place she uses someone else to fill in that gap. It's a Scum's Wish, but that's not why I love her. I love her because of her cold but sweet personality. It's just a really beautiful personality. If she loved me, I would do my best to make sure she was happy, but that's just a dream. She loves someone else.


It wasn't love at first sight like it usually is with most of my waifus. It was a more build up and sudden realization of love. After getting to know her better and realizing how sweet and amazing her personality is, That's when I started to really fall in love with her I don't know. She's just so cool, and we all know Dr. Pepper is a drink for the intellectuals.

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