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IT'S SPIDERMAN TIME! TOP 10 FACTS!!! (You won't believe #3!!!)

  1. Everyone knows about Mary Jane, but he's actually had many different love interests! Including:
  2. After the Human Torch died, Spider-Man for a short time took his place

  3. Spider-Man's real name is Peter Parker!!! :O

  4. During the Civil War comic series, Tony Stark built Spider-Man a suit, called the Iron Spider. It is complete with three, fully functional spider legs that come out on command. Spider-Man prefers the comfort of his original suit though, and only uses the Iron Spider with permission from Nick Fury.

  5. Also during the Civil War series, Spider-Man revealed his Secret Identity to the Public, drawing danger to him and his loved ones. Doctor Strange changed people's memories to forget it, however.

  6. Had Uncle Ben not been killed, Spider-Man would have been a television star. However, after his Uncle's death, he decided to instead be a superhero, and redesigned his suit.

  7. In the Amazing Spider-Man movie series with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, Peter builds machines on his wrists to shoot webs for him, just like the comics originally had. He later developed glands in his wrists that allowed him to shoot webs without the machines, just like the Spider-Man movie series with Toby McGuire as Peter. Due to fan request, this was changed back to the machines.

  8. Spider-Man has worked with the X-men, after being tasked with work by Wolverine. However, he was never a member of the team.

  9. Peter Parker's parents, Richard and Mary Parker, were killed by Red Skull, Captain America's enemy, in the comics, leading Peter's aunt May and uncle Ben to raise him as their own.

  10. *SPOILERS* Peter Parker dies with Otto Octavius, Doctor Octopus, who actually takes over Spider-Man's body and becoming the "Superior Spider-Man", and is assisted by Miles Morales, a young thief who broke into the abandoned OsCorp lab, and getting bitten by a Spider he stole. Instead of the web-slinging, however, Miles shoots a venom blast.