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Menu.html A RGH stands for Reset Glitch Hack, which involves soldering a chip into the motherboard of an XBOX 360 that automatically rewrites the code and allows unsigned code to be passed through the firewall. This makes "modding" possible.

I would like to learn anything that gives me more experience with modding and hacking

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  • I love to play video games, especially black ops 2, Advanced Warfare, and GTA
  • I love RGH modding. I'm really good at it, and it's incredibly fun
  • I Love hacking. Especially when it comes to mod hacking
  • I'm a launch.ini programmer and a mod menu developer for the XBOX 360 modding community, aswell as an admin for Firepowered Recovery Service
  • I love building launch files with my friends and sharing them to help people with their modded xbox.