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Trenton's homepage is suppose to represent the skills and expertise of webdesign. The webpage shows many different parts of coding like Html, CSS, and Javascript. It also contains club information for 3D printing club, CPU club, and telescope club. To see my older home page click the button below to see.

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Html and CSS

Over the course of many days I've been able to create html which creates all the fundemential code in all web desige. The CSS has been created for simplifying coding of the html and creating better looking web sites.

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Recent coding has been using Javascript which helps create functions to make commands that store information. that information then can be used in software and webdesign.

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Clubs that that I enjoy are 3D printing club, CPU club, and Telescpoe club. 3D printing club is the creating and design of 3D models using a 3D printer. CPU club is the progaming of code which help assit ever day life. Telescope club is the creation of Lenes which allow for looking up into space.

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